Management Team

We are experts in our field and highly trained in security and risk management best practice methodologies. Contact us to see how adopting cybersecurity best practices can enable value in your organization.

adrianAs the Founder and Director of TPS, Adrian Carbonaro has delivered IT Services to satisfied customers for over 35 years. Adrian has established himself as a pioneer in the IT Services industry able to adapt to changing IT marketplaces since 1979. Since the inception of TPS, Adrian has instilled a strong culture of superior customer service which has been the backbone of TPS sustainability.




As the President of TPS, Rick Carbonaro is responsible for enhancing and extending the services of TPS to Private and Government sectors. Rick brings over 20 years of Information Technology experience, most of which Directing large fast paced organizations with world-wide reach on technology strategy and execution. He has strong competencies in Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Enterprise Maturity and Infrastructure & Operations.



Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson brings to TPS capabilities and experience which raise the bar of excellence for service delivery. He is a former Director at Gartner Consulting and Sr. Consultant at NASA OCIO.

Bob has certifications including ITIL V3 Expert, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt as well as Top Secret Security Clearance.

He also has a MS in Information & Telecommunications Systems from Johns Hopkins.